Types of Carpets

When it comes to purchasing a carpet or rug, the first thing you need to think about is the material and color which they are made of. There are three main synthetic carpet materials, and they all need different maintenance from a carpet cleaning service.

Silk is a natural lustrous fiber that requires extra maintenance and is usually more expensive than any other material. It is so shiny that it can be used alone or to enhance the colors and texture of other materials like woolen carpets. Silk is a very exclusive material, it makes wonderful oriental carpets and rugs. We recommend putting it in the brightest room of the house, so it makes a play of light in their patterns.

Wool. If you live in a high humidity area, this is the most suitable material for your carpets and rugs. One of the best things about this material is that it can be easily dyed. As wool is a natural fiber, the chance of allergies are reduced. In case any of your family members are allergic to dust or mites. They can be easily cleaned; however, if you don’t have enough time, you can always contact a carpet cleaning service.

Synthetic fibers, there are different materials used to make carpets, although nylon is the most common one. This is because it is the most durable and the easiest to clean and maintain. Ideal if you have kids or pets at home, for that reason, you need to keep them always clean and tidy. If you need a hand, you can hire carpet cleaners to maintain them. Olefin is the preferred material used for outdoors.

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