DIY Guide: How to refresh a smelly carpet ( part 1)

If this is your first place where you live alone probably you have noticed that your carpets have strange odor. Especially if the previous people living there had dog or cat. A-1 Red Carpet Cleaning Service has prepared you an extended list what you could do before calling a professional carpet cleaning company. This could help you, but if don’t we can take care for your carpets.

1    The Baking Soda

This is natural product that helps lots of different textures and materials to be polished, cleaned or even deodorized. What you have to do. Mix some baking soda and some water just like 100g water and 3-4 tea spoons of soda. It must look like a raw paste. You have to pour part of this paste on the spot that must be cleaned then leave it at about 10 minutes and then brush it. If you have made your paste too thick instead or brush you can use the vacuum cleaner and to remove it. The baking soda will absorb the odors.

2    Hydrogen Peroxide

This is a product used mostly for removing stains from high-traffic areas. It helps the old carpet to looks like new one. What you must do. Simply you have to apply the hydrogen peroxide to the stain and then to blot it. The stain must disappear without any harsh chemicals or special steam cleaners.

These were just a part of the ideas that A-1 Red Carpet Cleaning Service can offer you as a fast and cheap way to do the carpet cleaning on your own. You must be sure that a professional hand is always the best way to have superior results. We are located in Denver, CO and for the last a couple of years we have helped many commercial and residential property owners with superior services.

Do not miss our next article next week for more methods how to clean carpet yourself!

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