DIY Guide: How to refresh a smelly carpet ( part 2)

We all love using natural cleaners. There is no better products for you if you are having a little kids or pets. They are great for lifting stains, window cleaning, refreshing laundry, upholstery cleaning and much more. The natural products don’t ruin the fabrics and you can be sure that if somebody from  your family tries the taste of them will not cause fast calling 911.

One of our best one is the vinegar.

This is natural product which cleans and deodorizes and refreshes the carpets. This is superior product if you want to remove pet stains and odors. What you have to do. Simple you have to mix 1 part vinegar and 1 part water then you must apply it on the spot. If you want to refresh you whole carpet you can mix again the vinegar and water and to pour them in your steam cleaner. After that you can open your windows and using a fan easily dry them. If you don’t do it the moisture from  the carpet will help to get faster musty.

This is an easy way to clean different textures and surfaces but you have to be careful! The vinegar is an acidic, so you must be careful where you are using it.

Here we have made a list with “Do Not Use It When”

–     Granite and marble countertops

The acid in the product can harm the natural stone. So if something has slop out at your new countertop do not reach across to take the vinegar. No matter where are your natural stones do not use vinegar. Instead of it you can use dish liquid or if you have special stone soup. Also avoid using lemon or ammonia as cealer for natural stones.

–    Egg stain or spill

If something happens and you realise that you have dropped an egg on the floor do not use the vinegar again. The contact with the acidity will cause a coagulate and making the egg more difficult to clean.

–     Irons

The vinegar helps cleaning lots of stuff but not and this one. It could harm some of the parts of the iron. For keeping them from  clogging you have to empty them after use and to follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.

–     Hardwood flooring

It is the same story with the natural stones. Do not use it it harms the wood, even if it is well sealed it will reduce the shine of the flooring if you are using it often.

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