Air Duct Cleaning

Are you worried that your air ducts are polluting your indoor air ? Are you constantly coughing and sneezing for no apparent reason ? Put a stop to this now and call a good air duct cleaning company! We at A-1 Red Carpet – Lakewood have been providing this service for the citizens of Lakewood, CO for a long time.

Pollen, dirt and mold spores gather in the air ducts, and it is only a Air Duct Cleaning in Lakewood COmatter of time before they start entering your house. Such pollutants can cause coughing, sneezing, watery eyes and headaches. Even worse, mold can cause allergic reactions, even when dead. The best way to avoid such unwanted events is to hire a good company to clean your air ducts.

We use special tools and products to make sure your air ducts are clean as a whistle. Our methods are extremely effective, and the results are long-lasting. If you are worried about possible contamination with toxic cleaning products, rest assured that none shall be used. We only utilize environmentally friendly products that are toxic-free.

Air duct cleaning will eliminate all unpleasant smells and odors due to mold and bacteria living in there. After our professional services, your indoor air will be a lot fresher and healthier, and will raise your quality of life significantly.

We offer several other services to improve your domestic environment. We clean ventilation dustOur company will perform upholstery cleaning not only on furniture, but on cars, too. The methods we use are guaranteed to make your upholstery shine!

If your home in Lakewood, CA was damaged by a flood and needs restoration, A-1 Red Carpet – Lakewood can provide you with professional water damage restoration services. We will use specialized equipment and scientific methods to dry out your entire home.

You can count on us to deal with any and all of these problems. Our professionalism and dedication to our work has established us as the leading carpet cleaning company in the area. Do not hesitate to call A-1 Red Carpet – Lakewood now at (303) 720-7770!

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We also clean and sanitize air duct systems.

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